The Story Behind Kai1radio

Kahan Ammi Israel is originally from Chicago, Illinois, born and raised. At age 17, he got into making beats and became a House music DJ! He’s always had a passion for music and DJing, aiming to keep people in a positive vibe by using music. He also harbored a desire to DJ in large clubs and on radio. He moved to Dayton, Ohio in 1994, where he currently resides, making it home base for Kai1radio. He aims to connect with people worldwide through music, creating positive energy by staying on top of current and old-school music across all genres to ensure satisfaction across the board. He currently DJs in Dayton, using it as another tool to keep people in a proper state of mind.

He also currently DJs at West Social Tap & Table every Friday for Island Grooves Friday, playing Reggae, Reggaeton, Soca, Afro Beats, and all types of Island music! Additionally, he DJs at Taste of Jamaica every 2nd and 4th Saturday, featuring Reggae, Hip-hop, and R&B!

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